Its primary mission is to represent and safeguard the interests of active and retired employees. Below are described the duties and activities of the Chambre des salariés:
  • Consultation through the preparation of opinions on bills and Grand-Ducal regulations as part of the legislative process;
  • Representation through its participation in Government consulting bodies;
  • Information by means of a series of publications for salaried staff and the working world;
  • Formative training by contributing to the design and organization of professional training programs;
  • Continuing education by offering adult training programs through the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center and more particularly for sta representatives;
  • Designation of employee representatives to the Social Security organizations and Assessors to Labor and Social Security juridictions.


Dear member,
Dear employee,
Dear retiree,

The Chambre des salariés (CSL) informs you that the Luxembourg social elections in Luxembourg are due to take place in March 2019, both on a national level within the CSL, and within companies with at least 15 employees (in order to elect their representatives within the staff delegation). As regards the elections within the Chambre des salariés, the aim is to elect the members of the plenary assembly, who will defend the interests of all employees and retirees through their appraisals and the public positions they will take over the next 5 years.

You are affiliated to the CSL and as such you are invited to take part in these elections of your representatives within our Chamber. Our leaflet highlights the importance for all 500,000 employees and retirees to vote during the elections of March 2019.

These elections are a pillar of the Grand Duchy’s democracy, as they enable all employees and retirees, regardless of their nationality or place of residence, to make their voice heard by electing their representatives within the Chambre des salariés.

The CSL is your voice in the legislative process and in numerous socio-economic institutions of the country. It submits appraisals on all projects closely or remotely concerning its members, in order to defend their interests and those of their children.

Through your electoral support to the candidates of your socio-professional group, you can increase the CSL’s force of persuasion within the Luxembourgish institutions, and enable it to wholly fulfil its role in having your status as an employee or a retiree acknowledged and credited according to its true value.

The Chambre des salariés is your professional chamber, which defends your interests as employees and retirees.

We wish you successful elections!
Jean-Claude Reding